Meet Our Professors

Assist. prof. Murat Öner

033 944 487

Murat Öner holds a PhD in Literature. Before he joined the Department of English Language and Literature at International Burch University, he worked as an EFL teacher for 18 years in various private schools. His main research interests are the interdisciplinary field of geocriticism, literary geography and cartography, space theories, and Caryl Phillips. His dissertation “Transgressive Spatiality in Caryl Phillips’s Writing: A Geocritical Study” engages with Phillips’s complex spatial discourse. He published articles in special issues of literary journals which particularly address spatiality in literature. He attended many conferences in Europe and USA and his presentations concentrate on transgressive forms in literature as well as in Caryl Phillips’s writing.

Assist. prof. Ceylani Akay

Ceylani Akay gained his BA, MA and PhD in English language and literature. Until he started his career at International Burch University, he worked in the field of English Language Teaching for 20 years at different international schools. He took with him his long years of professional and hands-on experience to shape the future generations. During his teaching career, Prof. Akay worked as the Head of the English Department for 9 years, and as the Director of International Primary School for 6 years in Sarajevo. He attended several programs as a teacher trainer to educate future English language teachers. His areas of expertise include teaching language skills, teacher training programs, language learning strategies, and TESOL.