The Department of English Language and Literature at International Burch University has always been a strong, award-winning teaching department, committed to the symbiotic relationship of teaching, research, and the larger concerns of the society. Postgraduate studies at this department offer an alternative to more traditional Humanities-based similar studies by providing a unique combination of subject expertise and employability activities not offered elsewhere. An MA degree, in particular, offers access to a wider range of employment and study opportunities, and is essential to anyone who pursues a career in Humanities-related fields.

The department's members bring their interdisciplinary interests to their courses, addressing various areas such as: • linguistics and literature and their relationship with other arts, sciences, history and philosophy; • the nature of literary language; • language acquisition processes; • an in-depth analysis of scientific research methods

MA studies at the Department of English Language and Literature are open to all individuals who share passion for learning and exploring languages, and who wish to specialize in the area of language education, linguistics, or literature. If you wish to study language in depth, and understand how it interacts with the world around you, this department is right for you.

This graduate program aims to: • professionally empower students through their active involvement in academic conferences and scholarly publications; • motivate students to increase the knowledge of their field by contributing original work; • enhance students' awareness of the cultural contexts of theoretical and literary works; • provide rhetorical skills in preparation for different professions, such as teaching, law, publishing, and public relations.

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Meet Our Professors

Assist. prof. Murat Öner

033 944 487

Murat Öner holds a PhD in Literature. Before he joined the Department of English Language and Literature at International Burch University, he worked as an EFL teacher for 18 years in various private schools. His main research interests are the interdisciplinary field of geocriticism, literary geography and cartography, space theories, and Caryl Phillips. His dissertation “Transgressive Spatiality in Caryl Phillips’s Writing: A Geocritical Study” engages with Phillips’s complex spatial discourse. He published articles in special issues of literary journals which particularly address spatiality in literature. He attended many conferences in Europe and USA and his presentations concentrate on transgressive forms in literature as well as in Caryl Phillips’s writing.

Assist. prof. Ceylani Akay

Ceylani Akay gained his BA, MA and PhD in English language and literature. Until he started his career at International Burch University, he worked in the field of English Language Teaching for 20 years at different international schools. He took with him his long years of professional and hands-on experience to shape the future generations. During his teaching career, Prof. Akay worked as the Head of the English Department for 9 years, and as the Director of International Primary School for 6 years in Sarajevo. He attended several programs as a teacher trainer to educate future English language teachers. His areas of expertise include teaching language skills, teacher training programs, language learning strategies, and TESOL.


Eldin Milak

International Burch University

“The years I spent at the English Department of Burch University, including both my undergraduate and postgraduate education, have been some of the best of my life. At the Department I not only received an excellent education and a lot of practical experience in my field of interest, but I also got to meet incredible people, staff and students alike. The ELL Department feels like a second home - one that I will always be gladly coming back to.”

Ana Tankosić

International Burch University

“MA studies at the English Language and Literature Department encouraged me to fully achieve my potentials. I had the opportunity to work with amazing professors who gave me great knowledge in my field of interest and who showed me the amazing, yet demanding world of academia.”

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